Welcome to Senthil Group Of Companies

We, Senthil Group of Companies are leaders in multiple industries, committed to top quality as per market requirements. Our foot steps are firm and wide in various fields ranging from sweet to steel. The companies that our Group undertake range from Steel, Papers and Boards, Construction, Fruits and Jams, Papain, Construction based products, Entertainment and Mining. You name it, we have it!

We have a best practise of delivering the finest products to our customers and clients both in India and abroad. In this competitive world only best quality speaks. Our employees thereby have greater commitment in always remaining at the top. To keep our employees always inspired, our Managing Director conducts meetings and discussions and motivates them from time to time.

Senthil Group is always interested to expand its horizons in any new industry that might act as a good source of employment for a common man. We show interest in being aware about the state of the art technology on a global scale and we take initiatives to compete with global standard. We have a very good business relationship with our customers and clients by regularly meeting with their requirements and understanding their problems clearly.

Starting from raw material to a finished product, we treasure the journey of manufacturing and enjoy our job, which brings out best quality. Living in the present and expanding to the future, Senthil Group of Companies inspires, and will inspire the future generation to come and will work hard to stay at the top always.

Our Group of Companies

Senthil Steel Company Private Ltd

Senthil Steel,Symbol Of Strength, Since 1989 Senthil Group of Companies has always carried out quality in every aspect of their services.

"At SENTHIL STEEL, we believe that quality is not an end-product; it is a continuous process. Which is why, it is the watchword in all our operations. Committed to manufacture and sell quality steel products that conform to relevant standards and as per customer's requirements, our goal is to continually endeavor in enhancing the customer-centric activities."

Senthil Group is one of the front runners in South India's steel industry. The company has created an impact with its commitment to customers and the leadership to end-users.

Senthil Papers and Boards Private Ltd

Senthil Papers and Boards Private Limited, (Formally known as Saradha Papers and Boards Private Limited) is one among the best manufacturers of the finest duplex boards in the South, today. It is a professionally managed company and forms part of the leading Senthil Group of Companies in Coimbatore, a creation of a doyen of Industry in this region and philanthropist known for his mind of grit and heart like pulp, Shri. O. Arumugasamy.

The Group of Companies has wide experience in various fields and specifically in the manufacture and marketing of packaging materials for over 25 years. The Management of the company is directly involved in the day to day activities and is in the control of the Managing Director and Executive Director.

Senthil Construction Corporation Private Ltd

Senthil Construction Corporation Private Limited (SCCPL), is the construction arm of the multi faceted Senthil Group of Companies. The group has been involved in construction contracting for over a decade, specializing in building of institutional, residential and commercial buildings, factories and industrial complexes. All construction activities of the group are now integrated into SCCPL.

SCCPL also offers turnkey services in select sectors like Hospitals, Villas, HNI Homes, Institutional and Commercial Spaces.


Senthil Green Power (P) Ltd

Veeyel Fruit Products Private Ltd

Vee Yel Fruit Products (P) Ltd; a firm under Senthil Group of Companies is one of the premiere manufacturers of high quality Jams, Tomato Sauce and Tutty Fruity.

Our products have a fragrant aroma and lingering taste, making it better than any other branded fruit products in the market. Started in 1992, with a vision of providing people with pure and chemical free fruit products, we have a well-established state of the art factory at Mettupalayam, Tamilnadu.

Located in the lush backdrop of Ooty hills with a fresh atmosphere of country side, our products are made in a typical farm fresh method. The major ingredients being Papaya, fruit pulp and other added flavours.

Senthil Papain and Food Products Private Ltd

Senthil Papain and Food Products (P) Ltd, was established in the year 1995 to serve the needs and demands of high quality Papain, globally. Since then the company has made a milestone and emerged as one of the major supplier of papain for the world market.

The manufacturing unit is located in Tamilnadu – Kerala National highway No – 47, amidst of lush green surrounding, nourished with abundant ground water with other facilities. The temperate climate in this region is most suitable for the cultivation of this particular variety of papaya which yields the best quality latex for papain processing. The papaya cultivation is located within the 60 Km of the manufacturing unit.

Senthel Aggregates & Cement Products

The Flag Ship Company of the Senthil Group, Coimbatore is SBMMC. Which focuses on building materials and mining of associated minerals. In order to augment the product range and manufacture specific building materials and thus achieve synerge in manufacture and supply of building materials, the need for manufacturing cement and aggregates of blue metal became mandatory. Senthel Aggregates and Cement Products came in to being as a Partnership Firm to satiate the needs of the Construction Industry in this part of the country, by providing high quality cement and blue metal aggregates. A fine state-of-the-art-plant for manufacturing these products was setup near Coimbatore in the year 2005 and since has been making in-roads in to different areas and locations throughout Coimbatore and neighboring districts.

Senthel Kumaran Theaters

Senthel Kumaran Theatre housed in a multiplex complex known as Ambal Complex is located right in the heart of Gandhipuram which is the nerve centre of Coimbatore City. Being at a distance of a stones throw from the main bus station and within a kilometer from the Interstate bus station and not more than 2 Kms from the Railway Junction and just a 20 minutes drive to the Air-port, this theatre complex is the favourite sojourn for the hip-hop traveler passing through Coimbatore.

For the Coimbatorian who has a discrete choice for entertainment for himself and his family, perhaps the only heaven for theatre based entertainment, coupled with tongue tickling snacks, along with soft drinks or ice creams, is the Senthel Kumaran theatre complex.

Senthil Enterprises

The Senthil Group of Companies is one among the best Companies in this part of the Country with strong fundamentals and poised for growth in divers fields of activities. The Company encompasses various industries which by themselves have established their own uniqueness.

The group of companies is exposed to myriad fields that include Mining, Agro industries, Paper Mills and Entertainment. However the Flagship Company is Senthil Building Material Manufacturing Company P.Ltd . (SBMMC), Which has gained its coveted position by virtue of its major contribution towards the turnover of the group and its profitability.

Our Clients


We, at kites, had a wonderful time at Senthil Kumaren theatre watching "I". It was a much needed break for the team and this place proved to be the right place. The ambience, sound effects and the food were good which was further complemented by the wonderful service provided by the theatre. All of us enjoyed it and the entire evening was spent well. We hope to visit it once again. Good luck and thank you for providing Coimbatore with an opportunity to enjoy.